September 20, 2009 at 12:30 pm


Mini Sirloin Burgers

Servings: 3


“Miiinnii Siiirrllooin Buuurrggers!!!” I’ve had Jack in the Box commercial ringing in my head since it first came out, its so catchy! Sliders or Mini Burgers seem to have blown up overnight, I see them being offered at practically every burger joint, so with them being so popular and not having tasted any of them I decided to try my hand at mini burger nirvana! They turned out great + easy to make!



1lb ground sirloin

1 egg

real bacon bits  [ store bought or homemade]

shredded cheddar cheese

9 dinner rolls


red onion slices


* Spicy Mayo:

3tbs real mayo

1 tbs chili spice -or- 1 chipotle pepper minced




1.  Combine ground sirloin, egg, and 1tsp each salt + pepper :: remember just combine the ingredients do not over handle the meat!




2.  Stuff the patties!

  • Score meat into 9 even sections
  • Take one piece roll into a ball
  • Make an indentation in the middle and stuff with cheese and bacon
  •  Then take meat and fold it over and shape into patty
  • Repeat!



3. Mayo: in small prep bowl combine mayo and chili powder -or- chipotle, place in fridge.



4. Grill the patties! I used an indoor grill but these can easily be done using an outdoor BBQ! For indoor grilling first spray grill with cooking spray and heat over medium flame until grill is really hot, place patties on hot grill and cook for about 3-4 mins on each side! REMEMBER only turn burger over ONCE! or you’ll end up with a tough meatball.



5. While the burgers are grilling; toast the dinner rolls. I simply heated a flat griddle and placed my Hawaiian Rolls cut side down for a 1-2 minutes.



6. Put it all together:

  • Take toasted bottom roll, spread with delicious spicy mayo
  • Top with mini burger
  • Add onion and lettuce
  • Add more mayo on top roll and ENJOY!!!

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