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Servings: 4


Enfrijoladas are a typical mexican dish that can be found in almost every region of Mexico and as with all other typical dishes every region adds its own ingredients to make it special.  My recipe comes from el D.F. [ Mexico City] straight from my moms kitchen, it’s simple and delicious.




4 cups of cooked pinto beans [canned is ok, strain beans save broth]

1/2 cup bean broth

16 corn tortillas [ 4 per serving]

16 slices of quality deli ham [ I used Hormel Natural Choice]

1 serrano pepper minced

1 cilantro bunch washed and chopped

1/4 red onin thinly sliced

Queso Fresco

Mexican sour cream

Corn oil





1.  Blend beans with broth until ingredients form a sauce. * To add a bit of spice use one [16oz] can of low sodium pinto beans and another can of jalapeno pinto beans, this will add spice and depth to the sauce.*




2. Heat 2 tbsp. corn oil in medium sauce pan.




3. Add bean sauce to hot oil, bring it to a boil then reduce flame to low and simmer until sauce is thicken, about 15-20min.  * Keep a close eye on the bean sauce, if the sauce thickens too much add more bean broth [or water] until the consistency is that of an enchilada sauce. Remember to stir sauce every now and then to avoid it from sticking. *




4.  Meanwhile in a small deep skillet heat 2 inches of corn oil to 360 degrees. Fry tortillas about about 1-2min on each side or until each side tuns golden brown in color.   Drain excess oil on paper towel.




5.   Assemble Enfrijoladas: take fried tortilla dip it into bean sauce, making sure both sides are covered, place it on plate and add a slice of ham fold and repeat!




6. Garnish Enfrijoladas with  sour cream, queso fresco, cilantro, serrano chiles and red onions on top!


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